Eat Lead’s Neil Patrick Harris to Present Award at SpikeTV Videogame Awards This Sunday

December 11, 2008

Great news! The Adwizards at D3Publisher has brought Neil Patrick Harris to the SpikeTV Videogame Awards. The show will be filmed live this Sunday on SpikeTV and Neil will be presenting an award to one lucky game.


NPH is probably one of my favorite stars on TV. Back in the 80’s, celebrity VO was not as prominent as it is today. The technology just would not allow it, we repeatedly in development tried to make something work but usually ended up just doing muttered sound mixed with subtitles. If Doogie Howser and Matt Hazard teamed together for a CSI-esque game, it would have been fabulous. I would say Doogie’s typing in his nightly journal would probably be one of the most realistic TV to game crossovers to date. The duo of Matt and Neil could have prevented the headaches induced from the Matt and Dexter games that preceded the fall of Marathon Software.




But I digress, I will be sure to have my TV set for Sunday and watch my fellow game industry friends accept awards for the best games of the year and I can’t wait to see NPH on stage.


It’s going to be….