Happy Halloween – The Matt Hazard Comic Strip FOUND!!!

Long Lost “BOOM COUNTY” Strip Unveiled !!!

Well, as promised, I did some more digging into that box of stuff in the basement.  And I found GOLD — one of the original Sunday editions of Boom County, a sponsored comic strip based on Matt Hazard!

Boom County was a marketing initiative from the early 80s — I hired a comic strip artist to create a hilarious series based on Matt Hazard and then placed the strip into daily newspapers across the country. Boom County was a smash hit and ran for a marvelous three months before it was discontinued by editors who felt it was “marketing” and not a real comic strip.  I wrote the script myself, and, I must say, it’s STILL HILARIOUS!  Note the timely jab at the “Where’s the Beef?” commercials!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!

To clarify, the Dinosaur friend in Boom County is a character I created for the strip — when Hazard travels to the time travel zone of Xenon 5 in The Adventures of Matt in Hazardland, he saves this Dinosaur, “Opie,” from annihilation during his epic battle against Neutronov’s Mega-Nuclear Robo TyranoToxic-a-Saurus. Opie comes back to our world timeline to live with Matt in Boom County.  Genius!!

A Rare Copy of a Sunday Edition of "Boom County"

A Rare Copy of a Sunday Edition of "Boom County"

We had planned a spin-off Saturday morning cartoon series, a video game for kids based on the strip, and plushie dolls based on Opie, but the newspaper cancellations halted all work on those projects.

– R. Tokey


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