Upcoming Updates

Greetings Again, Fellow Hazardites…

It’s been awful quiet lately… I haven’t heard a peep about this new game from D3 Publisher.  Nothing on the video game web sites or in the magazines… and certainly no replies to my daily email inquiries about the game.

Some genius over there in the marketing department probably figured they could just announce the game and then do nothing until it ships.  Kids are lazy.

Anyway — I won’t let you down — here’s what’s upcoming this week and next on The Real Matt Hazard:

  • Reader Q n’ A: I’ll answer some of the top questions that I have received in my inbox since I posted my email in a previous post.
  • Character Profile: I’m going to take a look at one of Matt Hazard’s most fearsome foes.  You can get to know him BEFORE D3 spills the beans.
  • Special Treat: I found another box in my basement — I think it has some long lost artwork.  I haven’t gotten to opening it yet because there is a mouse nest on top and I’m scared of all kinds of rodents.  Mrs. Tokey will be taking care of it this week

Bottom line — stay tuned.  There’s a lot more coming.  And those guys at the big sites have NO info on this game.

– R. Tokey


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