More Classic Matt Hazard Screens


As promised, I’ve gone digging through the archives that I keep stored here in my basement.  Now that those people at D3 have announced “Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard,” it’s pretty exciting for me that RIGHT HERE is the ONLY place to get RARE AND EXCLUSIVE screen shots and STORIES behind the Real Matt Hazard!!!

Last night, I finally found my old floppies (floppies are what were used before compact discs, kids).  Unfortunately, most of my floppies were destroyed in 1999 when a bulk-sized container of laundry detergent fell off the washer and into my old work boxes.  Mrs. Tokey is to blame for that.  I’ve told her.

This wasn’t easy, my friends.  I had to start up my old “PC clone” 486 SX 25mhz desktop – ha! remember those days! – because it’s the only one with a floppy.  Then I had to email it to myself… through a dial-up connection.

Anyway, here are three of the shots –chosen for their historical importance to the franchise.

This Shot From Deities Spawned a Major Motion Picture Franchise That Stole Our RKS Design

This screenshot from Conflict of the Deities shows some of the spectacular and futuristic combat that became a hallmark of Matt Hazard games.  Robotic Killing Statues (or RKS) were a staple of classic gaming and we tried to put RKSes into every one of Hazard’s games.  Focus groups proved that sales figures rose exponentially based on the number of statues that were really robots underneath.

I also love this shot because it is a clear display of how a major movie franchise flat-out STOLE our robot design.  Can you tell what I’m talking about?  Look closely at that RKS on the left that has already been “terminated.”

Bloodshot Killshot! Was a Groundbreaking Level With More Eyes-Per-Pixel Than Any Game in History!

“Bloodshot Killshot!” That was the name of this level — Act 3, Level 5, Stage 7.2, Room 67 — from The Adventures of Matt in Hazardland.  The entire level is played under the gaze of Watchful Eye, summoned by Lord OctoSurgeon to defend the Exit Portal from the time travel zone, Xenon 5.

To stop Hazard escaping Xenon 5 with Dr. Neutronium’s “Book of Secret Plans for Dominating the Earth and Killing Matt Hazard in 10 Easy Steps,” Watchful Eye spawned several iterations of enemies and mini-bosses, including The Evil Eye, Stink Eye Drones, Bedroom Eyes, and, the most fearsome, The Flying Pink Eye aka “Mightus Conjunctivitis.”

An odd theme, but one that was timely for us.  While attending the CES trade show in the middle of development, designers and Marathon staffers shook thousands of hands with buyers, fans… and even press.  Somewhere along the line, someone got infected with “pink eye.” The entire staff then got infected during our post-show hootenanny, where we were all… well… very close to one another.  Development on Hazardland had to shut down for an entire week because no one could even see.

An Exceedingly Rare Screenshot from "Deities" Started the Trend of Big Publishers and Platform Makers Faking All of Their Screenshots

This screenshot from Conflict of the Deities was the first time that we were accused of “faking” a screen shot. Editors lambasted us because our graphics looked “too real” and we had “too many enemies” on screen at once.  They simply didn’t believe that the “HazardTechEngine 0.5” could do such a thing.

Honestly?  That Eagle looks a bit out of place, doesn’t it?  😉  So yes, I pasted it in there — this WAS the ONE and only screen shot we  altered.  However, other publishers took note and the practice exploded after this made waves.  Today’s biggest publishers are addicted like junkies to their graphics editing software.

It’s kind of cute when a big publisher releases a “next-gen screen shot” that is most obviously a painting.  <cough-cough, I’m looking at you, giant mega-publisher based up North>

Thanks for checking out the screen shots.  If you have any comments, be sure to leave them below or drop me an email at ralphtokey AT


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