D3 PR Turns ME Down?

I contacted D3 again to get more information on this alleged new Matt Hazard game.  They were less than accommodating, so I recreate the exchange for you below:

TO: D3 Publisher PR Department

FROM: Ralph Tokey

To whom it may concern:

My name is Ralph Tokey, the former Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations from Marathon Software.

As one of the senior company executives and creative forces behind the franchise, I was hoping you would be able to share some info on what you plan to announce for the new Matt Hazard game.

Please send any available screenshots, game builds or design documents to me at this email address.  I promise to keep them off my blog: https://therealmatthazard.wordpress.com

Meanwhile, if you need any other help in terms of Matt Hazard messaging and character development, please let me know.


Ralph Tokey

This is what I got back from them.  They either don’t know who I am or are completely off their rockers.  They seem to think I am just a fan.  Take a look:

TO: Ralph Tokey

FROM: D3Publisher PR Department

Dear Mr. Tokey:

Thanks for your interest in Matt Hazard!  While rumors suggest that D3Publisher will be announcing something very soon, as a policy, we do not comment on rumors.  Thanks for being such a great fan of Matt Hazard and keep an eye out for any future news!

In the meantime, please enjoy other great D3 products, like Dark Sector!


[name omitted]

Can you believe it?

I LITERALLY INVENTED the “do not comment on rumors” line! Back when Matt Hazard 3D was going to break some sites kept asking about our next title and I got sick of it.  One night, one guy named Ray called me after I had been drinking and I thought it would be funny to say “As a policy we do not comment on rumors.”  And he ran it!

I’ll get the info – I have other ways to get stuff from other contacts…


2 Responses to D3 PR Turns ME Down?

  1. Rory Bedlam says:

    …Did they REALLY just say that we should give up on the prospect of a new Matt Hazard title to go play Dark Sector? Matt could kick Hayden Tenno’s can to the 80’s and back! And he will… just wait for the sales charts.

  2. Rorkimaru says:

    Sometimes the creator doesn’t know best!! Look at Tomb Raider. They brought Toby Guard back for “commercial” success but the game is nothing like the old classics. it’s practically a new franchise with the same protagonist.

    Hazard is about the guns the blood the difficulty and the babes, I would hope to see that lost in the hope of deepening the character. Lara Croft isn’t the character the Hazmaster layed so she could get the gig, she got big headed. Matt has been through rough times, I hope he goes back to his roots

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