1UP Digs Up Some Old Screenshots

One of the screens 1UP Nabbed

One of the screens 1UP Nabbed

Saw this late last night — 1UP.com ran a couple of screenshots from some of our old games.

I’m not sure where they got those, but it looks like D3 must have acquired a file or two from Marathon and sent them over themselves.

BTW — the game names they have assigned to each of those shots is completely WRONG.

Once again, D3 should have asked me first, as I probably have even better ones around here.  At the very least, I could have told them which game names go with with screen shot!!!

Couple things I’m working on here, just so you know:

  • Trying to find some of my old screenshots so I can post them here; i should have some in storage somewhere, but it requires accessing floppy discs — many of you probably haven’t even seen a floppy before
  • Trying to reconnect with some of my old Marathon colleagues to do some interviews about Matt Hazard
  • I’ve reached out to D3 PR representatives to try and acquire information or assets from the new game; haven’t heard back but if you all pressure them too…
  • Pulling up some of my old marketing materials to share with you, so you can understand more about who Matt Hazard is and what he represents.

Meanwhile — check out 1UP’s story.

And for the record — Matt Hazard DID invent Steamy Cofffee.  1UP has that dead wrong.

Hey 1UP – if you want to really talk about this — or get the PROPER names for those games — let’s do an interview.

– R. Tokey


One Response to 1UP Digs Up Some Old Screenshots

  1. Rory Bedlam says:

    Huh… in your last post, you should’ve mentioned how Matt Hazard inspired popular time-traveling British television… from the looks of it, anyway.

    Honestly, are there no original ideas anymore? Ah well… I was disappointed when Matt didn’t get a slot in Brawl, but maybe all this coverage will fix that in the next installment!

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